Convert new access-points automatically to flexconnect mode

Lets say you have a bunch of new access-points who just joined your (v)WLC and you want them to be in flexconnect mode. With the GUI there is no other option than just manually set the mode on a per access-point bases and (pre 8.0) wait for them to reboot. Not any longer! There is a CLI command to do this automatically, so you can get of cup of coffee while this process is getting done…

(Cisco Controller) config>ap autoconvert flexconnect

I love automation… 😀

Default QoS (CoS) 802.1p values on a WLC and the IEEE/IETF standards

Right now I’m preparing for the 642-742 IUWVN (implementing Cisco Unified Wireless Voice Networks) exam. In all the learning material, you will find that the authors say that Cisco is using a confusing way of configure the QoS markings for bridging wireless traffic to the wired side. The issue is that when you configure the QoS profiles, the default 802.1p (CoS) values that will be shown are wrong if you follow the IEEE/IETF standards. The explanation from Cisco for this is that when you configure the QoS profiles, you work with the WMM user priority value and not the “real” 802.1p value. Very confusing if you ask me 😕 .

However. Since software 8.0 the previous described behavior got changed to match with the IEEE/IETF standards (see bug CSCui22330 for more information). So if you do an upgrade the values you supposed to use are wrong and you need to correct them to the “real” 802.1p values.