CCIE Wireless.. we are still going!

I have been quite busy studying for my CCIE Wireless since I started the journey almost nine months ago. Late December last year I passed the latest exam for CCNP and after three attempts I passed for my CCIE Written last month! To give you an idea; I had to put in more that 250 hours of studying after getting my CCNP to get the written; failing with just a few points of is an art I guess.

And now I have an date for the lab: 29 june in Brussels! For the next two months I have an very tight study plan with more than 250 hours of building (and breaking) stuff in my home lab (with IPexpert VoD’s on the side..). I decided to do it this way because of the coming 3.0 version of the exam in September. With the first lab attempt in June, I can have a second attempt in Augustus…

And because an picture says more than thousand words:

CCIE Wireless lab

The controllers
2x 5508
1x 2504
1x vWLC (not on the blueprint, but the technology is cool)

1x 3702I (with the WSSI module, associated to my vWLC as “production” network)
1x 2602I (Associated to my “production” network as an WGB so I don’t have to hear the noise πŸ™‚ )
1x 2602E (with some external antennas, also autonomous)
1x 3500I (Spectrum Expert / test AP for converged access)
5x 1242AG (All over the WLC’s…)

1x 3650-24PS (also for doing the converged access stuff, not on the 2.0 blueprint but it is coming anyway..)
1x 3560CG-12P
1x 3560-8PC

2x 7925G

For running WCS / Prime, MSE and ACS I have a VMware server collocated in a datacenter connected with a VPN on a ASA firewall. Some hardware I bought myself (the 3650 for example) and some borrowed from the company lab, which I’m grateful for.

I’m already looking forward to continue the lack of sleep for the next two months.. πŸ˜€