CCIE Wireless… we have a liftoff!

It started in my early years as a kid. I was curious about how stuff actually worked, especially radio technology had my interest. Two years ago I passed my CCNA Wireless certification and since than I did a few deployments with a lot learning on the job.

The problem with working for a relatively small Cisco partner is that you don’t have a real specialty; you need to know a lot about a lot. It is not that I do not like that. I love to do consulting, create designs and actually implement that firewall or Nexus solution. I do have my CCNP R/S and CCDP, but I always loved the wireless technology.

And now the moment is here. I scheduled all of the four CCNP Wireless exams four the next few months, every month a exam starting with the site survey one next Wednesday. The CCNP should give me a foundation for the CCIE. My plan is that I at least try the CCIE Wireless lab once before I turn 25 in September 2015. They say it is the hardest CCIE exam, I guess I will find out!

My plan is to read as much as possible on the Cisco Supportforums and blogs and by actually doing wireless projects. If I find something interesting I will write a blogpost about it. So, let’s start with my home lab:

The controllers
1x 5508
1x 2504
1x vWLC (not on the blueprint, but the technology is cool)

1x 3702I (with the WSSI module)
1x 2602I
1x 2602E (with some external antennas)
1x 3500I
1x 1242AG

1x 3650CG-12P
1x 3560-8PC

2x 7925G

For running WCS / Prime, MSE and ACS I have a VMware server collocated in a datacenter connected with a VPN on a ASA firewall.

It is not enough for CCIE, but it will be for CCNP and it is a nice start.. 🙂

Cisco CCNP / CCIE Wireless lab