Cisco’s WLC AirOS 8.0 has been released!

Earlier today Cisco released a new software train for the AirOS based wireless lan controllers (WLC’s); the 8.0 train. For me the highlights for this software train are:

  • Increased scale to support up to 6000 clients on Cisco Virtual Wireless LAN Controller
  • Native IPv6 support
  • CleanAir Express on AP1600 (I will dedicate a blogpost on this subject in the near future)
  • Change the AP mode from local to flex-connect without a reboot, yay!
  • Configuring flashing AP LEDs from the GUI (Can be handy to identify that one access-point without a label or to annoy that person who has complains about the fact the the AP’s are not pretty enough to hang on the ceiling.. πŸ˜› )
  • High Density deployment features:
    • Optimized Roaming
    • RSSI Low Check
    • RX-SOP

Oh and I don’t know who requested this particular feature, but you can from now on also use set a red Web Color Theme ..

Cisco WLC AirOS 8.0

I have to say that my experience with the now released version (8.0.100) on a 5508 WLC is that the code feels and acts a little buggy; not a release that you want to run in a production environment. My advice is to wait for a maintenance release, but it is always fun to test the new features in the lab πŸ™‚ .